Professor Ed Morales publishes articles on The New York Times and The Nation

Professor Ed Morales, faculty fellow of CSSD project Unpayable Debt, published several articles on the humanitarian crises facing Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. His articles illustrate the catastrophic effects of the storm and the resilience of its battered, yet defiant, residents.

“With so much loss, there was a gain, though. The community organized so quickly, with brigades clearing the roads and tending to the elderly, the sick and those who’d lost the roof over their heads. Some time may pass before cell towers restore the virtual community, but now, more than ever, the actual community is resoundingly “presente.” – Ed Morales

Read Morales’ article “Puerto Rico in the Dark,” in The New York Times here.

Click here to read Morales’ article “In Puerto Rico, Disconnection and Chaos but Grace Under Pressure,” in The Nation.